Only Enchanting (The Survivors' Club, #4) – Mary Balogh

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Flavian is one of the seven members of the self-styled Survivors’ Club. Though he escaped the war physically unscathed, Flavian, Viscount Ponsonby, still has a stammer and suspects he suffered brain damage from battle. Due to a number of marriages amongst their group in the past year and the birth of the first child to one of their number, The Survivors’ Club has agreed to host their annual reunion at Middlebury Park, the home of Lord Vincent and Lady Sophia Darleigh, rather than Penderris Hall, the immense and distant home of the Duke of Stanbrook.

This, of course, means being within proximity to the town of Inglebrook, where Agnes, a widowed artist, is just as happy to be living with her sister, as she is to be away from her step-mother and her over-bearing vicar brother. She has no intention of looking for a second marriage. But is there anything she can do to combat love once it has found her? Agnes and Flavian’s pasts collide in this story of trust, remembrance, and forgiveness.

This fourth book in Balogh’s Survivors’ Club series is tied with the next one, Only A Promise, for being my favorite. After the first three novels happened nearly simultaneously, it was refreshing for this story to pick up just afterward. It did a good job of developing the new characters – Flavian, Agnes, Dora – while updating us on the lives of the three couples we’ve already come to know and continuing to enlighten us about the rest of the survivors. While a quick wedding is a big trope in historical fiction, I’m not usually a fan of it. Most times, it’s a marriage of convenience. Balogh managed to take this idea and spin it, not on its head, but some way that is even better, where the characters themselves have differing ideas of what is going on and the miscommunication is at an all-time high.It’s a masterful work of art, and Balogh really outdoes herself. I’m pretty sure I read this one almost cover-to-cover in one sitting. This book is the one that made me wish this series

It’s a masterful work of art, and Balogh really outdoes herself. I’m pretty sure I read this one almost cover-to-cover in one sitting. This book is the one that made me wish this series could be made into a miniseries or something of the kind; because the characters are just so fantastic and real to me. 100% would recommend.

HHC Rating: 5 Stars

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